Selling your house? Let your home be heard.

HouseTalk is your premiere voice access to real estate property. By following just a three easy steps, you can be on your way to selling your house, at your convenience.

How it works:

  • Provide us with a description of your home, similar to a fact sheet.

  • We record it and provide you with a PIN for your home and a sign for your front yard.

  • Simply display the HouseTalk sign and check your mailbox periodically.

  • Use the PIN number in your advertising for more descriptive information.

It's that easy. Screened, potential buyers will be waiting for you when you call in. We even instantly notify you when a buyer has called. HouseTalk is like having a virtual real estate agent working just for you!

How much it costs:

For only $169 for 90-days, you can advertise your home, screen potential buyers and save time…sell your house!

Call 518.452.4400 today to realize the benefits of HouseTalk.

How HouseTalk can help your advertising efforts:

Here is a typical
newspaper advertisement
(approx. $79.00/day):

Here is the same ad
with House Talk
(still approx. $79.00/day):

The HouseTalk ad delivers this message when the home buyer calls the number:
(cost would be approx. $290/day
for this size newspaper ad)

Our one time cost of $169 for 90 days is saved in print costs in just one daily ad.

Let it be heard!